James 5 and Film Festival

I am now reading the Bible more than three times a day. Praying often and seeking the Lords will in my life.
Do we not have faith, do we not believe the Lord will work through us? I am in a coffin of doubt when it comes to the Lord working through me to heal others when I pray for them.
15, Is anyone sick, he should call the heads of the church and be anointed with oil. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well. There are no other footnotes or alterations about that scripture.
Find the Lost in your life that have strayed away from God and bring them back.

I have started a film that has to be done by tuesday..here is the rough outline. The idea is a day in the life of me, revovled around all the projects I have shot but not edited and their relation to my detroit…….

Film is my passion and Photography is my life. this lifestyle is not so unique anymore.

what does a woman searching for love
an agent orange victim searching for justice
a retrospect of obama clinching the victory in chicago
a fridge getting thrown of a window, then a few months later a dump truck falling out too,
single individuals fighting in the war against human trafficking
the ukrianian orphans suseptible to being trafficked
kim phuc
green energy in china
and my nephew digging in the sands on the shores of San Francisco
have in common?

All of these are undited videos that I have shot in the past 5 years during my free time as a freelance photojournalist and filmmaker. Unedited and alive on my 8 tb of hard drive space these films are on my mind during the moments of my day where I wonder what to do next.

I am in a lul of responsive artistic ability and yet I have found joy in the midst of it, joy because of the grace found in my faith. The movies I make reflecting a fraction of the soul alive in me.

I live in Detroit. I love in Detroit. I have been blessed to cover the death of the city I love for the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and NPR.

Each part of my day can evoke any of the countless random memories from the 28 countries I have been to in the past 8 years.

Rarely are any of those memories ever said to any of my friends. So in my persuit of purpose I acknowledge the memory and take time to record it in the correct medium and move on.

(My city memories were first tangibly recorded on paper.)
I want to be sitting at this table with the members of VII.

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