I got to Lead

This was the best day ever…Praise God.

It started with me in the Word! 1 John 3:16, Jesus laid down his life for others and we must do the same for our brothers. After I read the word and prayed about it in my life I received an email informing me that I sold two prints of my work to an awesome guy which payed for my trip to London! I was already scheduled to hang with my friend Andrew Siems after he was in California spreading the Gospel amongst the trees.

So then Bill Hogen needed me to drop him and his daughters, one of them being my best friends wife, off at the football game. So they drove down as I had breakfast with Siems at Brooklyn Street Deli. IT was the jam. The credit card machine was down so Hogan and Jump went down to us and paid 21 bucks for our breakfast. I drove them to the game and it was awesome to see them for a few minutes. I went back to my house to meet up with Andrew Siems again and we drove around Detroit exploring unseen streets and parts of town. It was awesome to talk about Siems’ time setting up high adventure ropes around the huge Californian trees. His stories were great! At 115 I received a text from Steve Gagne reminding me yet again to show up at the church to take christmas photos of him and his wife and new baby girl. I had totally forgotten. Siems was gracious enough to come with me and we arrived at the church at 129. The photo shoot was awesome! His family is so handsome! So then I left to take Siems back to his car so he could go home to see his wife. I then went to see a friend of my John Gardner who had a 20 hour layover in detroit. A bunch of my friends in Christ were hosting her so she would be taken care of. I met them at Eva’s Tamales and talked to 8 of my friends for 10 minutes with 6 of my old Free Press friends hailed me from the other corner of the room and I went over very surprised and happy to see them. We all caught up and talked about life and photography. I left them 20 minutes later and caught back up with my other friends.

My friend, the director of photography at the Detroit News, called me to remind me of the party he was throwing for the Detroit News photographers. I had totally forgotten about it and told him I would arrive at 5. We left and the girl and Micah came with me. I took them around Detroit and showed them the theater that turned into a parking garage, The Book Cadillac and the amazing Guardian Building turning layover girl into a Detroit Lover. Headed back to Amos’ house and saw my friends again. Jump then called and I left to pick them up from the Football game. Jump then took me from Hamtramck to Detroit to take get a coffee before dropping me off at the Detroit News party. It was the worst coffee I had ever had from SBUX. It was funny how bad it was. I would rather had them splash it on me than me drink it. Jump dropped me off at a huge scarry warehouse and for a second I thought the Detnews was trying to kill me in a secret location. Then my friend met me at the back door and took me up to the fourth floor and behold the coolest flat I had ever seen. Totally hand made huge floor with bookshelves and a huge fireplace, two deep fried turkies and other assorted awesomeness. Bob is my friends name. He is totally great guy and edits a lot of my personal work. I talked to a bunch of Detnewsers and met up with John, a photog that I did not really know but ran into twice in three years. We talked for awhile about my china trip and then other stuff. Eventually we sat down by the fire and talked for another hour. It was awesome! God totally used me to lead him back to being stoked about God after a two year absence. Pray for him! After we talked it was humbling to hear him say, “When you left the Free Press, I thought it was because you had faith in yourself, that you were some bigtime filmmaker. Then later I heard about your life that you live in faith. Now it is great to see that you do live that life.”It was the best part of my past month. He was soaking what I was saying about God and then saying what he knew about God and it was legit.

My heart and mind were blown that I was expecting to be gone and waited, not anxious even though I was late to my next party, but seeking the lord for what he had for me. We talked and talked and it was awesome. After that I was photographing and dropped my lens and the auto focus broke. I wasn’t worried at all! I am so willing to be used by the Lord that I know he has a bigger plan! I had no way to get to my next party, A meat and cheese drying party at Cooley’s house. But then a girl i didn’t know offered to take me. She told me her story on the way there and dropped me off. For the next four hours I ate cheese and meat and talked with my fav detroiters about detroit and photography and italy and other stuff. I told one more lady about God and how you can trust him. Best of all my friends Amos and Tom picked me up from the party and took me home. I got to rejoice with them for what God had done in my day. Then like a good gift, my friend Joel and I just said hi over the phone and he was happy to be at his parents of house. Throughout the night I showed my 1840 journal to people to show them something I appreciate.

The party ended with an architect friend coming up to me and telling me a story. Summed up; “In the class I teach students need to find someone and design what they think their dream will be. One student picked me and designed a condo. I like the art this student put on the walls in my dream condo and I asked him where did he the art idea from. ‘They are works by Stephen McGee’. You’re work is much more out there than you think. ”

I was humbled again to see how God was using me in his ministry. I think everyone should know that in the Lord our work is much more impacting than we think. So go and rely on the Lord, showing his love to others.

All this for the glory of God. All this because of Christ. I gave my life to him again last night, spending time silent, imagining myself as if I just entered his room the night he was born! Falling facedown on purpose in humility and awe, I realized that God was speaking to me. He told me, “Better is coming, Prepare, Finish (what you are working on)”.

You can have all this by putting God first and not making all of this more important.

  1. Broseph McGee said:

    “Better is coming…”

    Thats good Steve.

    Thanks for opening your heart to receive and pass on.

    Indeed, better IS coming.


  2. thanks for sharing the amazing day God provided! the last sentence is so true, so true that it cuts past the bones and into the spirit.

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