I am in London visiting my brother. I love the Lord so much. I woke up at 4 am and began praising him. First from my bed and eventually stood up at 6 and began praising him and praying for all of you. I am in James three. We all stumble in many things, as I have found out and can confess to, if not in the visual sense from the perspective of others, then most certainly in my heart attitude. If anyone does not stumble in word, he is a perfect man, able also to bridle the whole body.

London has amazing cappuccinos.

Praise be to God that I can say my brother and his wife are living lives dedicated to the Lord. Speaking boldy and praying for others in the name of Jesus.

Pray for my time here. I am really enjoying it. Pray also for my home back in Detroit, Jan 20 I have a court date for my taxes and I am also praying for a decreased mortgage.
I have wanted to write out my learned lessons of 2009. So here are a few.

The Lord provides all that is needed to complete his will in our lives, the works in His will are the offereings we have when we meet Jesus at the judgement. Therefor, success is not based on matters that are made by us but is based on the obedience in each life to Christ’s calling.

The message of God nor his works move faster because of the internet. Rely on the spirit.

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  1. Sarah said:

    Obedience. “That is the way God speaks to us, not by visions and dreams, but by words. When a man gets to God it is by the most simple way of words.” (Oswald Chambers)

    Yes, these are lessons that I’m learning now, too. Praise God for His faithfulness to you.

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