DTW-Chicago-Greenville, TN

On a flight to chicago, the only time I have to slow down is the transit i approach. I am an assistant director.  I have my cinevate and my camera gear, my laptop and myself.  Joel and i had crepes right before the drive here, and we discussed working together. I am excited for this as I am not sure where I am supposed to go next. Although I am more excited to go to haiti. This week was a great week. I came back from london, told people about london, and went to my court date. i also dealt with my taxes and my mortgage. I went to the court date dressed kind of nicely but i then I left, man, thinking of all this, I suck at writing. Whey even write if I can’t have the worlds flow form me. What I am . I suck. It is easier to be lazy.

On a plane to Chicago for a layover to Tennessee. I am staring at myself , my reflection in the mirror of the darkened screen. I write better when I am in the moment not reflecting back. So Write more. in the moment. The scarf from my brother hits the sunlight from the open window that I should have been sitting at. But the german sat there instead and has been reading his geraman book ever since there is sudoku man , to the right and the two stewards upl ahead. I have my hat from china on, my sweater from london, my jeans from london, and my shirt from my blue shirt from ukrainse that got ripped, ;my tie given to me after my unlce steve passed away. and my under roos which i can’t remember which ones, i think they were from christmas. There are a lot of days ahead of me where I am not going to know exactly what to do. But I am confident in the Lord. I am confident in his works. I am confident in his return and I pray that he will use me to make this film worthy of him. I pray that jesus goes to the father on my behalf. I pray for brian to be saved lord. Please call out to him.

This month I have Come back from DC, Had A Bday,  shot for NY Times, CNN, Made Dug Down Deep Film, Made a soundtrack for DDD, Gone to London, Read hebrews 11 and 12, Turned in my World Press Award packet, my POYI Packet, my Best of Photography packet, Worked on my taxes for my house, tried to get my mortgage lower, and now will be the first time assistant director. Jan 31 will come soon enough.

I would like to go to Haiti.

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