Tennessee film.

My mom lived in Kingsport. I am not sure why or for what reason they left.

I am in a bed right now that has four elegantly carved wooden frames.  My audio technician is sleeping on the floor next to me in this 6700 sq foot home built between 1860-1875, long after my old journal was made.

I texted my driver upon my arrival and receieved a text back that I had to expect another driver, a son in law to drive me two hours south east of Knoxville to the location of the shoot. I receieved another text that said, “Make sure to tip the driver very well, I’ll pay you back”. Well I had no idea who that text came from but I looked at my 35 dollars in my wallet and thought it should all go to him, but at what time do I tip? I had checked two bags and carried two bags and leaving the terminal I saw my name held by a man my age sporting a black Christian Dior suit and bluetooth earpiece. I thought to myself this is no son in law. I shook his hand and tried to be friendly but straight to buisiness he was and asked how many other bags I should expect. “TWO”. I said as he was leading walking quickly to the luggage pickup. My gun case and tripod came out, missing one tripod foot.Touching his bluetooth earpiece time and time again Driver kept the pace high.

I kept thinking this guy was so serious, a for real driver from a company. Leading quickly to the car he mininal in everything and me trying to be personal. “This way to the limo”. We got to the limo which was a 1984 Astro Van with more lighting gear than I knew what to do with.

“I know you are probably picked up in real limos but give us a break please” he said.

“I am more comfortible with humble circumstances” I said in an empathetic manner.

Immediatly the driver broke out of strict character and said, “I am Derik, I am Syrie’s brother in law”. The whole thing was an act. It was awesome. I almost stood up in the car and gave him a clap. I made it awkward and he made it more awkward. It was great. We had the same humor times 10 and talked about all types of things. He worked at an all boys home and had amazing stories of pain he experienced and i told him about human trafficking in ukraine and orphans there.

Derik was a stand up comedian in NYC and worked at the Christian Dior shop and told me about different purses he sold which he hated selling. But he was good at it and was so funny.

The heat just turned on now in this bedroom and a train whistle passed nearby. 8 am breakfast and then off to the theater. I met the crew and actors today around a huge dinner room table as we ate mac and cheese, amazing meat with sweet tea. The cinematographer is very technical and I am excited to learn from him. The two actresses are really great and the actor flys in tomorrow.

Pray for my time as I humble myself to learn from all and serve all.

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