Back Story to Dug Down Deep

Please visit the Blog Entry before this one to read about the meanings in my Dug Down Deep Video.

As I was saying before, January was an amazing month. I have learned a lot from the Lord in my daily life. Having just returned from Tennessee after shooting a film for a NY based director I am now taking the day to reflect on how the Lord has worked.

Late last year I was chosen to make a film based on a page from a book by Josh Harris. I was excited to shoot this but my schedule was packed with a film series on renewable energy in China for the Obama admin and projects for the NY Ties,  Time and the WSJ, my energy was diverted elsewhere.  The page I was given was not visually interesting and was very declarative. As I a visual person with a lot of heart and zero desire to make work on something that was just going to be accepted, understood and successful as the world sees successful, I prayed for three months before a vision was revealed to me that excited me to shoot and complete what the Lord had given me. The vision for this film came to me on a plane ride to my parents house. From the moment I sat down on the plane I started writing a storyline that would reflect what my page was talking about.

Taking examples from the book that the author had I began to make plans on shooting this film at a church in Detroit. While at my parents house I secured a location and a few friends to gather up a group of people to be the congregation. I arrived on the eve of my birthday and had only two days to put everything together.  Depending on a few of my friends who also love Jesus was a great thing to behold as the body of Christ came together to complete what the Lord had given me to complete.

I filmed on a Sunday night. As extras came pouring in I was in need of a lead actor. It was awesome.  Stay with me here, I am about to go into another story that makes this complete. My church is in Hamtramck Michigan.  One of my friends who went to the church lived in Hamtracmk next to a Ukrainian family. The family had a father, who spoke Ukrainian and Portuguese, a mother and two children, Andre 18 and his sister. They were on their second year in America. Andre and I talked a lot about photography being interrupted by the father who would as me questions in Portuguese because I could answer them in Italian. Tom and I visited this family a few times and then one day they were gone. We couldn’t find them anywhere.

A few months later the lead singer of Anberlin asked me to go to Ukraine with a group he started to fight human trafficking. I was to lead 13 other Americans and one Brit to Kyiv to show love to some orphans. I wanted to tell Tom’s neighbors I was going to Ukraine but we could It was amazing trip that brought me back to Ukraine 5 days after the first trip was over. I spent 5 more weeks in Ukraine doing a story on the orphans system and human trafficking.

I came home from Ukraine with an great stories of wonderful people helping the orphans and victims of human trafficking. 6 months later Tom called with great news that he had found the Ukrainian family.  I planned to go see Andre the Sunday I was to film this movie and talk about Ukraine.  I really wanted him to be the lead actor but was not sure if he would do it. I believed that he would do it.

At his house he said he did not want to do it because he was shy. We talked about Ukraine some more and I left. At 5 pm that night almost all set up for the film Andre called and said he wanted to stop by to watch us film. I was so excited because I wanted to minister to him and tell him more about Jesus and this was the perfect opportunity. He arrived with three of his Ukrainian friends and they helped set up. I told Andre about what I had planned for this film and he thought about it for awhile and told me what he would do as a suggestion. I was minutes away from asking my friend Mike to be the lead actor but I really wanted Andre. Andre’s suggestion was perfect and I asked him to be the lead actor once again. He said yes and everybody cheered.

At that moment the Lord’s calling in my life was revealed again as all believers in the audience got to encourage Andre as well as his friends in the Lord. In that success had come once again in my ministry. I continued to direct the film by faith with Andre as the lead character.

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