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Writings from a recently discovered journal



Touch gently with thy taper fingers

The strings of some loved lute

The Cherished sounds will with you linger

E’en when the strings are mute

And thus I’d have thy thoughts recur,

When far away from thee,

To Him who leaves a tribute here

For Friendships Memory.

Over the azure sky above,

Clouds sweep by caravans,

But still the star we watch and love

On memory remains.

And Even through their dusty forms,

O’ershadowing earth and sea,

As fiercely driven by careless storms.

That star is bright to me.

When Starry night doth wane away,

Beneath the sun gay gleam,

do we forgit the moons pale ray,

lost in a gaudier beam,

O with the stars I’d have thee keep,

my friendships memory

and when i gaze on heaven’s blue deep,

I’ll fondly think of thee.

Miss  Mary A. Millis

Oswego, Oct 29, 1838

From Her Friend,

Morris D. James

1 comment
  1. man, that’s one phenomenal poem. i love it. and who knows the heart and history behind it?! what an awesome mystery! thanks for posting parts of that journal. it’s great. 🙂

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