Lessons this week

As true as the war between the flesh and the spirit continues while in this life, I believe there should be that uneasy feeling sometimes as a reminder that the flesh is dead and we are alive in the spirit. But as always, as always! speaking the truth by speaking the Word delivers us by the power in the Word. There is power in the Word. There is comfort in the body of Christ which can not be measured but can be recognized.

As a believer i desire for the Lord to lift other Christians closer to Jesus through me, using the skills, makes, knowledge and testimony I have. Like the sycamore tree lifted Zacchaeus to see I want to lift up others to see Jesus even if that means me standing behind the crowd unnoticed.

God knows what we know and he knows what others know and for our wisdom to be considered useful to his kingdom we must consider ourselves fools.

My mom blew my mind the other day when she revealed to me what the Lord was teaching her’; That praying for, growing in and seeking the Spirit will yield the fruits of the spirit, (love, joy, peace, patience). The fruits will grow by Gods grace and power, not by our choice. Therefor, don’t only pray for patience but seek the root of the patience; the Holy Spirit, and it will be given to you.

A man who has brought me closer to God through his service, humility, faults and nature has just had his first baby. Love you Jump.

I have three assignments for the New York Times tomorrow and the next so please pray for creativity and Gods will to be done. Thanks.

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