I didn’t get into VII

And praise God for it. Third year denied and I will try again next.

Thousands of trees filter the metallic tensions cast by the late night train arriving at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. I hear it coming to a hault and it takes awhile to do so. The river without a moon flowing underneath and two railroad bridges expecting someone to walk on by.

The wind.

Its evening and I will see more family in three days then I have. My Trudy, grandma, is turning 90 on Sat and members of my lineage are coming from all over. Sunday I fly to California to headline a high school camp and speak about Pauls Conversion and the early church with an emphasis on the power of the Spirit. I am speaking from Sunday night to Thursday night and will be needing prayer.

Here is what the Lord revealed to me today.

Acts 1:8 You will receive power when the holy spirit comes upon you.
Both peter and judas denied christ, but one acted selfishly and the other ended in forgiveness. Both denied with the wisdom directly told to them by jesus before the deceived. The Spirit spoke through Jesus to Judas, “One here at the table will turn me over” and to peter, “you will deny me three times”. Both denied their future denial, not accepting what the lord had told them. Neither acted in the spirit when the challenge came, neither asked the Lord to guide them through the time of testing.

The spirit of Christ spoke to Paul and told him to get up and go to the city.
Three days later The Spirit told Ananias to get up and go to pray with paul. Both acted out of obedience and could obey because of their bowed heart condition.

The conversion experience of Paul represents in my life the direct mind conversion from the way the world thinks to the way the Lord thinks. We must be totally renewed by the changing of our hearts and minds.

Many people chose christ to be their savior but few set themselves in a place for their hearts and minds to be renewed. That brings about a search to create a culture where you worship God.

Early Church-Spirit Came and Obedience was had by the believers and action then took place, immediately.

Example Peter and John and man at Gate, peter prayed, nothing happened and he then reached down to pick up the man and THEN the spirit strengthened the lame mans anckles.

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  1. I will pray for you, and that God’s hand would be upon your words. I would appreciate prayer for the same, if you think of it— I’m speaking at a retreat for 50 girls from Sunday to Wednesday. My primary topic is purity and grace.

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