Paris, country 29

The women outside. The beats along with the river and the life of it. Wheeled carts and baci ball. “Qua?” a woman asks her friend in a wonderful french accent. The river keepss the people who sit next, in their green and white striped lawn charis, relaxed in the afternoon easy sun. I am finlayy at some desitation and now I am enjoying the ool breeze after a cafe with an almond crossaint. I’ve got my polaroid here and along some time there will be 12 singles that I will carry around with me until i retunr. there is also all the rest of the pohotography. I will stop into a party my friend is having tonight for photography. Everyone Smokes.

It took me three hours to get out of the airport.

I am not sure why I am here. I know I am here to go to OFFF. I also think Maybe to slow down. An expensive slow down.

There are days that go by and the knowledge of me yesterday slow flyes and i konw that there sis something around the next corner like a n eimmigrant that konws the next dollar, like a baby withotu a father, like a country i am just getting used to.

Do you, I think I do why did you propose to me like you do. Stripes and a high. Red tea pot and a knowledge of a thought.

Striped lines of walkability. Paris is free, looking for Germans in the history books.

The scene around me tells a story that I rather just live and not document.

  1. May your travels bring you rest and peace, and your rest bring you understanding and joy. I want to see your Polaroids.

  2. Amy said:

    The beauty of your posts never fails to inspire me.

  3. mo said:

    Makes me miss paris, where we honeymooned.

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