Day for a Hunt

Wow, what a day, I woke up and met james willer at the elevator building. I was so excited to meet up with him. Having watched the world cup the night before right after losing our last game of the season, I went to bed at 4. I also finished my first draft of the painter video. I was way tired when I treid to wake up at 930. I got there and james and I talked for awhile. It was hard for me to imagine exactly what the space I was getting was going to be. I tried to put it all in my mind but ended up feeling more overwhelmed than encouraged. James was going to be 600 dollars which is a fair price, actually inexpensive price. I did leave very bummed though because the cafe buildout was alone going to be 20000-30000. that was more than I expected.

I can not explain how bummed i was after the meeting with james. i thought what I wanted to do was too big.

Tim came over and had some good stuff to say.

I don’t really know what I want to remember today.
Tim and I went to lunch and he paid. which was nice.

Before we went in to eat Tim said, Lets pray. My focus had gotten away from knowing Christ. Tim led me back.

then i came home and fell asleep. I was so tired.

I woke up to jerry calling me to go to the imagination station because there were some volunteers. I edited my short film about the empty school that Alex, Chris and I explored. I arrived at the is and met the most handsome irish family who flew into the city to work specifically at the is.

i interviewed them for 15 minutes and then met up with tyler at avalon. we drank coffee and talked and then went off to see the imag station. there i met studio klinic 7 photog and she was excited for my space.

we chatted for awhile. jerry left. marry left. and then tyler and i went off to home when sarah dandar texted me telling me there was a phone droid that was going to be given out. tyler and i positioned ourselves by the river front. we found the tweets and waited four minutes.

finally verizon sent out a location and it was at slows. we sped, me being the best driver i know, got there in 5 minutes. there were a few people snooping around for the phone and I saw a camera man outside the slows corner. he had a red shirt.

we walked around and around and finally i went inside slows and asked the man behind the counter. he said check the patio. there were a few couples out there in the patio. I went out and within a minute found the phone. well actually it was a piece of paper with a 17 on it. a few cameras came out and i knew i had won. it was crazy.

I talked with phil cooley who was sitting in the corner about my space and told him that I had four photographers interested. It was cool.

the best part after all the interviews and such was a guy named chris. he came down from a few miles away, after reading that I had found the phone, he couldn’t even have won it. he just came down.

tyler and I stayed around and slows to eat when chris came in and started talking to the verizon team that had stayed around to eat. I told him to pull up a chair.

Chris was chatting about he started a blog about the droid and wanted to see the scene. he told us more about that. I asked him to pause for a second and told him we were going to pray for our meal. he said sure, and prayed with us. that opened the coversation about christ. At the end of my day. About Christ. At the end of all the ups and downs and feelings of defeats and worldly successes my conversation was about Christ. And it met Chris right where he was. He didn’t really know why he was coming down for a competition he knew was already over. I told him many things that encouraged him and Tyler listened. I knew the Spirit was working in this moment. I am not only confident in that, but I believe the explanation is more than a simple “the spirit was working through me”. What limitation and self forwardness. Although it is true but that is a single side. We often find a single side of God’s work and claim it as the fullness. Tyler is the physical reason I was there. We were hanging out at the end of a long day. And the conversation was about Christ.

Verizon, change to it? I might need some incentives besides a free phone.

  1. mo said:

    Frantic story man…good read 🙂 congrats on the phone. Loving Android on my Evo.

  2. Christopher said:

    Haha…”me being the best driver I know…” its funny cause its true. What the jeunk. One love.

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