someone else’s schedule

Rain. Detroit. 6am radio alarm from the condo next to mine talks loudly. This morning I woke up with two publishers in my house. I have had a crazy busy week. Camera strapped on hips I left in Le’go (my red vw) for the Packard Plant to photograph the Transformers 3 set. It is crazy looking. Four train cars piling out of the second story window. High risk of some time of run in with the law. I parked got my photos and left. Tomorrow will be better. So so images today. Touring these guys around Detroit for the next day and a half.

Reading second Corintheans 4-5. Our bodies are meant for God and God for our bodies.

Each morning this week has been brought to you by my neighbors alarm at 6 am. He is a doctor. I have been his neighbor for 4 years and have asked a few different ways for him to be a bit quieter. He has had a rough past two years. I pray for him often. His sister, mother and dog have passed away, he just got out of cancer and some other stuff too. I cant give any more letters, so now it is time to disciple/minister.

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