Nothing less Paper

I pray my life is freightered with intellectual script, first coming from the Bible, then coming from the meekness of mankind through the strength and creativity of the Lord. In the word with a few days left in the year. Outside the word works of my blog, letters, the far side of the envelope, torn napkins and the occasional scrap paper will hold the un-commonalities of inspired sentences.
I was looking at a late 1800’s tall chest cabinet that holds my parents wine glasses. When looking at the top the viewer’s head will mimic the action it takes to look up a steep cliff, like Half Dome, to view. The height that creatively became particularly familiar over my childhood.
The inset of tin with it’s geometric patternous landscape of hand punched crop-circle-like formalities are the base two cabinet drawers.
For this to be made today would only require a stamping press that could be located anywhere Industry. In it’s time though, such a craft!
To bring to an end my point, the tin inspired me to sketch out this sentence on nothing less a paper.

Sometimes we have to appreciate from the appreciators view to truly appreciate.

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  1. finding the appreciator’s view is challenging sometimes.

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