How great is our God. 4am and I have exported 34 of 36 films for my film series on Kresge. Each film is only 30-40 seconds. But it is still a common challenge to make each film as good as the one before. We divided up 37 shoots through a six week work schedule. Some artists didn’t correspond till week 6 giving me and my awesome team 8 shoots. The Films are due monday and I still need to make them my own. What do i mean by that? Well, Just that, I need to “through some mcgee on it” as my friend Tim would say. This was the go go go weekend for me working and yet I felt the Lord leading me to spend time with two people in particular even with all my business. So I visited Tim’s new studio Friday night and helped him record a few tracks with 8 other friends. Marching in hallways, shouting his lyrics and other stuff. It was awesome Got done at 12am and went back to my studio to work a bit more. Today I worked on cleaning the house for my California pastor to come over who is visiting on a church planting trip. I went into the studio and worked for five hours and then left to hang and talk about God with him. I show him allll around Detroit in a 4 hour extravaganza of Detroit history, love and community projects. It is always strange when people from way various circles come together. Seeing my old pastor and my pastor now talking about church planting was cool.
I got back to my studio at 10 and worked till 330am. Editing in alphabetical order 34 films and exporting them at 442 and H264. Sunday will hold titles and upload to internet for Monday showing. I will also get to see my lady again! She was gone all weekend with other ladies at a bicycle camp for women in Cleveland. She bought a dress for the party tonight and was so pretty. I wish I could have danced with her.
Pray for me as I get ready to speak at SWPJC in two weeks in Texas.

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  1. praying for you and SWPJC. I went in ’09, and it was excellent for me. so glad you get the chance to speak there. proclaim Christ, brother.

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