Unopening Statements

I have many stories. I could tell you them to win you to me, for you to like me for you to hire me for you to see me as a leader..Those were my intentions with God two years ago. I would use him to get to my will of becoming more included in the journalism world.

And praise God he protects me.

no longer am i seeking a good oppprunity for the advancement of my career. i am able to say this because of the Life the lord has allowed because of the testimony and testimony, like the product of a photojournalists integrity, can not be argued.

The lord has spoken to me and has brought to my attention that there are leaders in this room that are unwilling to be corrected or sharpened. I know this is true. I know that they are fighting with all they know how, with every defense they can opporate, to escape that correction. I know this because I speak first about myself.

And praise God for his grace and faithfullness that through correction I can praise God at this moment.

I can tell you that without correction we are subjected to a faith built on religion not Christ.

the path that existed must be cleaned by community in christ alone and be open for that cleaning.

If there is more christ I want it. if there is more God I am open for that to be revealed to me. Paul did not convert in Acts 8, he was changed by the very real revelation of Chirst.

I am filled with the spirit. How do I know? I see His fruits! Is that too bold for you? I know His promises. Fruits of the spirit are not the choices of the spirit.

If you can not fix yourself, stand up. I am not searching for an alter call that will satisfy the eyes of the believers. I am searching for the broken who are willing to be Disciple.

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