Paraphrased Jeremy Cowart, SWJPC_nuggets

Sometimes the ideas just hit you and then you have to write them down, all i can say is that it was God breathed. I really think there are stepping stones to create the path.
2005, I really fell love with photography. Becoming a photographer is like a step off a cliff and God is like, “Come on, come on”.
(When I went to africa I found an image I loved.) We’re supposed to see the things nobody sees.
Realize your tools when stepping.
Tools to me are relationships, photoshop, etc.
The iphone forced me to be a new photographer.
You don’t have to have a 5d, shoot with a phone if you have to.
A quiet whisper of God saying Go. And I went to Haiti and the photos landed in the halls of the UN.
I have a passion to be working in the world and hopefully someone will something different in me.

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