Tonight I started to sync 37 films. When you begin that kind of finite detailing of films, you quickly realize how far you have to go on each film and it becomes discouraging.

The way I create feeling in a film is pacing. If my film doesn’t feed me feeling it is because there are certain sequences that are out of pace. The remedy can be to let specific frames breathe a bit more (instead of cutting them where they are, letting that specific scene play out more by 7-10 frames.

I have to be in tune with my project or what I turn in will be mediocre which is not ok.

I have asked God to bring himself glory through this project and all night I was doubting the actual completion of this project which made me irritated with impatience.

I think one way God can give himself glory is allowing my irritation to go as far as it can before I realize I need God more than I thought thus putting me in a mental position to rely on him.

Its a good thing to fail.

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