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in the quiet times of travel i become a character in my own play.
with the wind all around he holds me even though an orphan stands alone. The fields stays mowed as i repeat, i am not scared. The symphony stills plays when i sit down after my grand entrance to the city of palermo.

As I sit on a bed in a room of 9 feet by 5. With a window. My dad turns one year older today. I called him and nailed it. One of the best days of my trip so far calling him. So simple but so good. 40 Billion dollars helps a few billion people remember that the world can come together in the name of sport and competition. With a few words Putin talks to Bush while walking a mile long red flag symbolizing equality through communism. 080808. is a war that started today in between Russia and Georgia on your mind? A few people died. And now
the call to war has broken through a boundary not only in the BBC, but in my soul today as well. Emails are out and I want to go.

i want to capture hearts with the message of love.

Is it possible that the reason we walk is to lead others to the cure?

Hebrews 1:1 and so on as God has chosen for this age to speak through his Son Jesus.