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Steps backward in flesh are steps forward in spirit. so when your back is finally against life’s ropes, know that you are facing everything with the unlimited power of God the instant you reach for him. When we serve God at our best we often confuse that as He and I strength but when we serve God at our worst it can only be seen as He Strength. Whether at our best or worst, let us remember at the second situations switch for better or worse, richer or poorer, in good health and sick, that in God is where we need to be.

Ezek 1-3, 2 Corinthians 11

piazza di popolo, roma, italia

piazza di popolo, roma, italia

God has blessed me with more fruit in the past two days than I have received in the past few months. One person after another I am ministering to. One after the other. I think I am on 3 today already. Just speaking the truth. Praise God.

1 Corinth. 1:17 I don’t need to have creative words to preach the gospel, i just need to tell it how it is. The word has power that when spoken will have effect.

1 Corinth. (a little bit later) Christ is God’s power, God’s wisdom

A grenade of God’s grace was dropped in my house today and now I am on super high with him. sooo good.