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Oh it’s Sunday morning now and wow, Saturday was filled with inspiration for me to shoot some great photos. The best inspiration though was formed from a message I got from three photographers, Kevin, Jeremy and Bill. Combined that message was to remember that i am first and foremost an ambassador of Christ in the field and as a witness I am to speak about what He has done for me. Career is not what I should live life for for at the end of it if all I have to say is “I’m at the top” how empty a life that will be. Hearing Jeremy talk about putting his awesome family first really encourages me too.
Sitting on a panel with a bunch of awesome believers who make great images was a bit, well, I just feel like i could have been in the audience listening to them and hearing so much about stuff i need to learn about!
I am filled with a knew knowledge of the wholeness of the Lord. I met some awesome students this weekend and one of them won the student contest! I will write more about them later. God will show me the next step and will carry me there.

Sometimes the ideas just hit you and then you have to write them down, all i can say is that it was God breathed. I really think there are stepping stones to create the path.
2005, I really fell love with photography. Becoming a photographer is like a step off a cliff and God is like, “Come on, come on”.
(When I went to africa I found an image I loved.) We’re supposed to see the things nobody sees.
Realize your tools when stepping.
Tools to me are relationships, photoshop, etc.
The iphone forced me to be a new photographer.
You don’t have to have a 5d, shoot with a phone if you have to.
A quiet whisper of God saying Go. And I went to Haiti and the photos landed in the halls of the UN.
I have a passion to be working in the world and hopefully someone will something different in me.

I am so humbled that in the midst of all the craziness in my life that God has direction. And direction for not only me, but for all.

Right now I’m listening to Bruce Strong talking about photography and the exploration of having an audience perceives images when the text is stripped away.

This morning I met a man of God and got to buy him coffee. His name is Jeremy Cowart and he is a photographer. Really cool guy and has had success. We also had two students with us as we went to Starbucks. He asked these students who were fans of his work about them and didn’t talk about his work unless they asked. I love that. So much about Life is about asking other questions.

There is something really human about being with other humans. Not living in the work.

God builds platforms for us to talk to the world and a harbor for us for protection against ego.

This morning Vincent Laforet used a film of mine for an example of creative filmmaking. I had forgot that the workshop was this weekend because I was speaking at another conference in Texas. I also had on my mind 7 videos due yesterday and 28 others due next week. So preparation for that deadline is crazy as you can understand. So when I got his email at 12 am asking where the film was that he wanted I was rushed to upload to meet his deadline. I was super humbled and excited to even have this opportunity.

I spoke last night at SWPJC. Not sure how I did but I do know that God uses imperfect people for his perfect will and that is why I was chosen.

Peter looked at the crippled beggar who had never walked and told him to get up. The beggar didn’t get up. Peter, filled with the holy spirit reached down and picked him up and as he did the beggars’ ankles were strengthened.

The Holy Spirit empowers us with a Found God. I lived 23 years searching for christ with my own strength and then met the spirit and everything changed. If you don’t know what I’m talking about just ask Him.

Jesus went to a blind man and rubbed mud in his eyes to give him sight. He left before the man opened his eyes. The man ran around with sight for the first time telling all he could see. When asked who did this, all he could say was, “I don’t know, all I know is I was blind and now I can see.”

I did not know it at the time but Jesus was prepairing a clear stepping stone approach to my career, to his will, through each part of my life I have seen him become the answer to my why, my where and my how.

Like the blind man who didn’t know who healed him, I was blind to where I was actually going, and now I see where I have gone. Jesus didn’t stick around to tell the man who healed him because Jesus knew it was him and by what authority it was accomplished. Each step I take becuase of circumstance, ability or leading I am not always sure it is where Jesus is taking me, but you know who knows, Jesus. He knows that the mud he has put in my life is going to be wiped off at the right time and at that time I will go around telling everyone what had happened. The pharisees asked who healed the blind man when he came to them seeing, and all he could say was, I don’t know, I just know that I was blind and now I see.

Don’t seek within yourself the cure for your miseries.
Our prayer life should reflect the way Scripture talks about itself.
Trust in Jesus and step.