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dear diary digi edtion…

today sucked….you have to hand file the angle, and polish, by hand, polish…
i spent alll day

my head.

where is a cup of coffee, i want to dunk my phone

i feel angry.

i bought $7 spray paint at a store and it was supposed be good for 1200 degrees.

all my plates my plates melted, that makes a better story but didn’t really happen.

really it was a great day, oh wait no, i was pissed.

i’m working for myself so i can only get mad at myself, so now i am fired.

for now…

i give myself too many breaks and i work on saterdays.

i don’t want to take too long…one coat should be enough, and cory agrees.

this should work…with copper, but i didn’t read the directions. you should be able to spray this junk on..

amonia might have been needed.

did i touch the plate too much? how thick is my metal.

so all day i was supposed to prep this final project on dietric bonhoeffer and the spray can that.

so grille paint wasn’t what i got, come to think of it, i got high heat paint.

i just want some chamomile.