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ImageToday marks the 1 year anniversary of when I asked Cory to be my wife. It the most epic day and it started by her encouraging me to go outside and spend time with the Lord. There he re affirmed his call to me to ask Cory to be my wife.

On a hill in Italy at the last remaining moments of sunlight. It was a perfect day. I set up the 5d MK II with a 50mm lens to record and had to restart it 3 times because it only records 14 minutes at a time. Surrounded by olive trees she said yes, of course.

A year later God has shown me so much through her. No one in my life has taught me more in fact. She has taught me about forgiveness, true love, respect and so much about Jesus. As honestly as I can the difficult times have only brought us closer together because of the grace God has given us. She is my best friend and my favorite travel companion. We have already gone to Europe, Mexico and Fiji together. We have produced 96 films and are continuing after her 11th knee surgery last week to shred at life together.

You can see a video of her doing BMX here

Scroll over and look for the “Team Zico Application Video”


I love you Cory. 



I am currently writing my naration for a 20 minute movie I shot in italy. the scenes are dreamy/dramatic black and white films of italy in the spring. If you read this, please tell me your thoughts.

opening lines set to visuals…
It is not my point for you to understand.
Our life finds;
tongues in trees
books in the running brooks
sermons in the stones
and good in everything.
In our life we will find vigour
and victory and depression and defeat.
Exempt from a public hunt After breath is gone
did four loves breath us or we spend them?
eros, insecurities reveal the tops of dreams
philia, run high over streams
Storge, with bridges over our shadows
Agape, our hope in today visits yesterdays gallows.
When love finally resurrects, even the poet dies.

A little note on a few tips if you come in contact with someone reading the Bible…..(inspired by real life events of my past week)

Don’t be alarmed when you see someone reading the Bible. There are people who read it everyday believe it or not.

Don’t come to the conclusion that that person reading the Bible thinks they are “over you” or “better than you”.

Feel free to ask questions, make comments, seem unaware, persecute or make fun of.

Understand that that person reading the Bible considers themselves (if they follow the teachings of the Bible) a servant to those in the world and is searching for how to love others like God loves us.

Understand that the person reading the Bible might have tried everything else they could have to deal with what they were “dealt” with in life and are searching for fulfilment from what the world can not offer.  And

Don’t assume that the person reading the Bible wants to thump you over the head with the book in order for you to read it or believe it.

Lastely, Please understand that the person reading the Bible understands that this world is too much to do on their own; with all of the failing markets, economy, death, hatred and other things seemingly always about to overwhelm us. And becuase that person knows those big things are really there in life, they also konw that there is an even bigger God and when they read the Bible they are meeting with God and reading what he commands. And if you want to too all you have to do is ask and the God of this world will be in your life.

The home of Saint Francis of Asissi, Italia

The home of Saint Francis of Assisi, Italia

A few of you have asked me to write.

An image that corrupted before I could download it tells the story of a kiss in a train station and it's surroundings.

An image that corrupted before I could download it tells the story of a kiss in a train station and it's surroundings.

Closing an amazing service 32 miles north of Detroit, the call came for those who had sin in their life to come forward and repent. I hesitated and closed my eyes with a breath to contemplate. Opening them I found my pew neighbor on my left had gone up to the front. Encouraged by his faith and humility I approached the alter and raised my hands.

When I close my eyse to pray during the times I am alone, i have to disregard all of the static noise that my mind comes up with to hinder my thoughts to distract. All of those distractions are exactly what I want to write about now. I wish I could write more. If I felt more up to it I would write about the art space I looked at today, the men scrapping the buildings left vacant as they threw out refrigerators out of the 12th story window, I would write about visiting Chicago last week, my amazing friend Amos, what it is like having an employee for the first time, leadership, my grandma, finishing movies, having absolutly no idea where to go next in my life, having no jobs on the horizon, not going to the Emmys again even though I was nominated for another one. I would want to discuss who I think I am and who I think God thinks I am at this stage in my life. I would talk more about my travels, about Sicily. I would want to write about my thoughts on my next project which is about a documentary on Detroit. I would talk about Joshua and Saul. I would talk about receiving God’s anointing. About my friend who just lost her father to cancer. I would talk about how I have received emails from believers encouraged by my faith as well as believers who I don’t even know needed God’s direction in their life. I would talk about biking in Detroit, strange things about me like craving apples if I wake up in the middle of the night and then also my Dad ( who is so cool). I would talk about my sister and how she is awesome and about her son, Calub, who is the most constant joy in my life. Thank you God for him. I would want to address me and my life, about how the 7 countries this year changed me. I would want to try and find patterns in my faith and see how those patterns in discipline affected my everything. I also want to write a book.

Basically, to all who expressed interest in my life, wanting me to write more, I am sorry, I haven’t been in the mood. That is no excuse. I will try tomorrow morning.

World meet Cefalu. I can’t believe I had the time of my life over the past 1.5 months in 5 different countries and 3 different continents. Continental breakfasts and peacocks, hydro dams and gelato, swedish castles and family. Life is holding on. I am in love. A world opens of imagination when I play with my nephew 1000 miles away from sanity and 2000 more away from the rest. As bubbles blow past our faces the sea of infinity opens with the hands of the little man related to me. 3 years old. It is amazing how God fixes us and prepares us, gives us rest and places us with so much love in his hands. We are worth so much to him. So now that I am here in Cefalu and in peace, i can see the end of my trip approaching like this upcoming wave about to hit the shore infront of me while I dine with the stars and rocks around me. Here I am and I take my time. Forgetting which song is playing I tip mine on these islands of wood above sharp stones. I am in love with someone I don’t even know and if God has me meet her I will consider myself blessed. If I never meet her then I will continue to dine by myself in the most beautiful places in the world and the empty place setting for this constant table for two will remind me that no matter if I am hungry or full, God always guides me home.   The stones I am above and the ancient city behind me, the couple in love next to me and the group in front of me, the beach the bronzed my skin and the yellow umbrellas reminding me of my mother, all has brought a message home to me. In the place where all the Sicilians go to vacation I am sitting alone. When will we have the willingness to let Sacrifice sit at our table and dine without us inviting Consequence too. London. then Detroit.