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So my friend Brian Kaufman won another emmy. Sounds easy as my newspaper now holds more emmys than any other newspaper in the world. 4 years running. i am so stoked for him. I am very proud of him. I pray for god in his life often.
Working with Kaufman during the last project we won an emmy for was the best part of it. In my opinion he is one of the best editors and video shooters in the USA. In early 2005, while I was still at Brooks, I had just come back from Vietnam after documenting the return of war photographer Nick Ut for the 30th Anniversary of the Fall of Saigon when the subject of Ut’s image, Kim Phuc, called me to ask me to document her going to Uganda. I knew the story of her going to an orphanage and burn center in Uganda was going to be a challenge to document thoroughly in two mediums. I talked to Kaufman after that call about possibly teaming up with me on this story. After one more call to secure this trip I yelled across the south lawn at Brooks, ” Hey Kaufman, we’re going to Uganda”. And he was in.
After I got a job straight out of Brooks at the Detroit Free Press, Kaufman graduated and got a job at Naples Daily News. A few months after documenting wealthy people, turtle races and storms he traded beaches for bums and moved to Detroit. I think he moved up to Detroit to work at the paper because he missed his good old friend Steve.
So after working next to Kaufman for 4 years, sitting next to him at the Emmys was an amazing mark on our professional careers and our friendship. I had my hand on his shoulder as they were opening up the envelop (ready to consul him in our loss sorry to say, ready to say, “Don’t worry, we will be back again”). When they announced, “ for RESPECT” I stated loudly, “Shut up bro, we won” at which many people turned around startled. Then we walked to the stage.

Photographs by Garrett Hubbard  (