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ImageToday marks the 1 year anniversary of when I asked Cory to be my wife. It the most epic day and it started by her encouraging me to go outside and spend time with the Lord. There he re affirmed his call to me to ask Cory to be my wife.

On a hill in Italy at the last remaining moments of sunlight. It was a perfect day. I set up the 5d MK II with a 50mm lens to record and had to restart it 3 times because it only records 14 minutes at a time. Surrounded by olive trees she said yes, of course.

A year later God has shown me so much through her. No one in my life has taught me more in fact. She has taught me about forgiveness, true love, respect and so much about Jesus. As honestly as I can the difficult times have only brought us closer together because of the grace God has given us. She is my best friend and my favorite travel companion. We have already gone to Europe, Mexico and Fiji together. We have produced 96 films and are continuing after her 11th knee surgery last week to shred at life together.

You can see a video of her doing BMX here

Scroll over and look for the “Team Zico Application Video”


I love you Cory. 



The Lord knows how to rescue righteous men from their trials. So pursue righteousness asking the Holy Spirit to carry you. Do not try on your own accord but ask God to reveal impure motives even while pursuing his kingdom.
As for evangelism, don’t wait any longer, the time is now to tell the person you are praying for the good news. I was with a very amazing person today who was on drugs and living apart from God. Someone during his college career asked him if he had heard the Good news. My friend said, “What good news?” The response was Jesus is coming back.
What moment are you waiting for? Consider this the prompting from the spirit as I do not write these words on my own or by my own desire, although by God’s grace and power I can say I share the desire that you would go and tell the world of your faith. But again, not on your own accord or strength. Not sure what that means? Ask the lord, and humble yourself. Ask him to point out what is keeping you from the fullness of christ’s love.
If you have Christ’s love you will not need to wait for a ministry opportunity to minister but in love your ministry will perfect.

I don’t even need my eyes open to type anymore. I know all the keys, where they are and the designated finger assigned to press. I think and then type, sometimes type as I think, deleting the incorrectly spelled words, then continuing.  I could do it all with my eyes closed.

I read the bible again today. I chose the flip-till-you-feel-good approach and came to the verses on love in 1 Cor 13:4-8 Love is patient, love is kind.It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

It was great to read. I was on my roof on the Detroit Skyline with the wind blowing and the sun peaking in an out of fast moving low lying cumulus clouds.  I prayed after reading that to see where God was telling me to apply that message. I first thought of my good friends that I have that I don’t give grace to sometimes. But then my mind went to how often that passage is used in weddings and how cliche it has become to put in weddings.Well I am not going to use that in my wedding I thought. Then I thought that thought was silly as God’s word is so good and might strike a cord with someone needing to hear it.

The wind picked up and I headed inside to make a call for my Ukraine trip. I sat at my computer to look for hotels in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY for Sat night for the group going over there and heard someone calling my name from the street. I recognized the voice as my homeless friend that I have been helping out for the past two years. I suppose he, Bruce, had seen me on my balcony on the 8th floor a few minutes before.  I felt uninclined to come to my window to answer his calling.

“Steve? Is Steve up there? Steve?” It continued. In the middle of calling out to all the strangers around him in front of the jazz club, he saw me and asked me for help.

“If I came to my balcony”, I thought, “then I would come downstairs and ask him, ‘What do you need?’ I already know what he needs”, I continued thinking. “He needs change or bottles and I have just sent more bills out with checks in them than I have money in my account.” I don’t have change and I don’t have bottles.

The voice asked my name a few more times and then it stopped.  About 4 months ago, when it was really cold, I bought Bruce a place to stay for 3 weeks and told him he needed to get a job and stuff. Nothing came from it so I discontinued putting money towards him for a free home.

I looked out the window after all that thought to see if he was around to see. Nope. He had gone on. 5 hours later in the shower a thought came to me, “How do you love others who call out to you?” and more importantly, “Love never ends” which was in the scripture I read hours before. Love never ends. Unlike God’s grace I came to a place where I thought I knew the boundaries of showing others love.

Praise be to God for his grace. I, we, call out to God time and time again out of disbelief when he knows our needs and will supply for them.

In the middle of the lessons you learn, don’t only try and apply them to your past decisions, don’t only try and write them on your heart for future times, but be still and understand more times than none will your lesson be directly and deliberately equipping you for your present.  I have denied Bruce the past 3 or 4 times the things he needs becuase he choses to be on the streets instead of getting off of them.  I come to God the same way Bruce comes to me, for provision, but I deny bruce because he wont change. I usually don’t change, at least not quickly, and God doesn’t deny me.

I am humbled and pray that his shows his mercy on me so that I can show mercy on others.

I am currently writing my naration for a 20 minute movie I shot in italy. the scenes are dreamy/dramatic black and white films of italy in the spring. If you read this, please tell me your thoughts.

opening lines set to visuals…
It is not my point for you to understand.
Our life finds;
tongues in trees
books in the running brooks
sermons in the stones
and good in everything.
In our life we will find vigour
and victory and depression and defeat.
Exempt from a public hunt After breath is gone
did four loves breath us or we spend them?
eros, insecurities reveal the tops of dreams
philia, run high over streams
Storge, with bridges over our shadows
Agape, our hope in today visits yesterdays gallows.
When love finally resurrects, even the poet dies.

Steps backward in flesh are steps forward in spirit. so when your back is finally against life’s ropes, know that you are facing everything with the unlimited power of God the instant you reach for him. When we serve God at our best we often confuse that as He and I strength but when we serve God at our worst it can only be seen as He Strength. Whether at our best or worst, let us remember at the second situations switch for better or worse, richer or poorer, in good health and sick, that in God is where we need to be.

Ezek 1-3, 2 Corinthians 11

A combination of artist and advocacy are the qualities and makes of a visual journalist. In the end it is up to the instincts that drives us as journalists one way or another, even if the outcome of our choices don’t produce a direct positive effort in our lives. To present cases for change by being there for strangers, friends, associates and peers will be what the vj inherently does when the crossroads of truth presented and what is the forgotten are approached.

This world needs the mixture of viewpoints. for there are four main types of viewpoints/people, the extremists, the moderates, the pacifists and then the (visual) journalist (who moderates all extremes in the most pacifist-ical way possible; by presenting visually, moments that we witness yet are removed from to leave open room for interpretation.

Me on the 61st floor of the Empire State Building

Me on the 61st floor of the Empire State Building, yes, with a golden tripod