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What do you complain about. Tell me and I will tell you there is so much more.

Photograph by Stephen McGee

Forever kneeling, 5000+ members of the Tutsi tribe lay scattered to this day 10 years later between pews of a church in the countryside of Rwanda. Seeking refuge under the roof of their belief, women and children were raped and killed by members of the Hutu tribe in 3 days.

And God is good.

For a further story. Please, please, humbly asking one more time, please visit…  (14 minutes of your life that will hopefully change you for longer than a day)…but watch out, your world view might change after this movie.

I can tell you my stories of Rwanda if you ask.

Fear. What do you seek when you seek God. Words and sentences can be thrown around in this part of the Christian world that does not see persecution. Pain is gain when it is in Christ. My answer to those who dwell on their humble circumstances includes many scriptures like this one “Yes you have suffered, but have you suffered to the point of bloodshed?” My first time reading that was a few weeks prior to when I was first truly persecuted in my faith. With rocks and hate thrown at me, my life was impacted by the silent force of the spirit, and not a drop of blood was shed from me.

In that persecution I was one with the Spirit and was blessed because of it.

I have been dwelling on the point, find God past in your fears. You can conquer them with Him. It is amazing, flat out amazing and impossibly uncomprehendable to me that God can use the worst in the world for His will. But I believe it and like those spoken in the bible, Lord willing my belief that evil will not triumph, will not triumph, will not triumph, will not triumph, is credited to me as righteousness by God.

It is not usually the last important moment in our lives we base our current situation on. It is the preceding unpredictable future that grasps us and leads us to chose what is right and what is beneficial.

Friends we have nothing that is evil to fear where we live. Whether mugged or beaten, robbed or vandalized, mocked or immoralized, the point is not that moment which haunts us, it is our status as front line participants in God’s will. Our battle at the battle field begins when we wake up because we are always the invading side, not retreating. Invading on the grounds occupied by not held by the common enemy that all brothers and sisters share across the globe.

How can we spend time pointing the wrong in others who are fighting with us.

When there is pain like this in the world while The Even Greater leads us, it is time to align on the right hand of God and fight with the only armor and weapons we have; Truth and love. Praise God. Remember this Friday that his strength is real.

Imagine with me America, what if there will be a time when our great nation will change it’s motto from God Bless America to God bless (insert country here) and we turn our focus off of us and on to the them. It is my thought that the them out there is where God is dwelling and blessing anyways.

Mark 2. James 1.