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The last visual slide in my Vietnam movie. Child like faith anyone?

The last visual slide in my Vietnam movie. Child like faith anyone?

Children playing at sunset on the shores of Da Nang, Vietnam.

Obedience by listening for Christ’s calling is key, not suggestions or what-i-would dos or books that suggest or relate like circumstances (I am not against reaching out but don’t forget to reach up first). If Abraham had a read a Christian author’s searching-for-faith book he might have killed Isaac, listening to the authors voice instead of The Author’s voice. In addition, awards aren’t the wicks that reveal to the celebrant that the victor is or are on God’s path. As it was in the beginning, I am here to glorify God with how I win and how I lose so whether I win or lose, I will honor my Lord with my attitude and purpose.  With purpose comes vision when patience and apathetic empathy collide in His grace and apprehensive is denied. Saul knew everything about security. Paul knew everything about falling down only to truely stand.Purpose is the foothold, the foundation, the fortress one starts from to cast vision. It is the stronghold one stands on to look out to something to be revealed.

On the contrary, purposeful events, like that of winning an Emmy, are not to show that God has done something, but that he is doing something. Called Human Beings, we are more to our liking and idolistic pleasure, Human Doings. Until you extinguish all surrounding darkness by becoming truly in this world but not of this world, God will be doings in you. While you are alive your life is to show God is doing something. The boastful trumpets of Jesus are sounded when the humble show love.  With such a simple answer to the unlikely simple question of, “Where is God”, why is disaster so often anticipated by the reincarnated.

But oh the human drive to relate with someone or something. The Book shelf of answers comprised by knowledge could in self scribble in sleep a written fiction to novelize one’s comprised scored life; a Beethoven’s sonata that each of us have written in the language “Complaint”, when the drama fueled by internal orchestras ignite the digital analogs that store and score error and success alike. Where do you reach?

I struggle with my flesh these days as it wants the entire world to know that I have won two Emmy’s.  But praise be to God that my purpose is Christ and my struggle with fame or lack there of is conquered whether I struggle or not because of my vision. I pray that he, in spite of my weakness, will glorify himself through his will, overlooking and changing my self assessed placement card. Is it not for myself that I should and deserve to stand atop the highest peak of success? No and no again. Falso (in Italian). My purpose is Christ casting my vision to prepare the way for a great return, it is to serve the lowest of the low and consider myself as Jesus did; a servant out for the will of the Lord.

If victory is held on to during the journey in times of struggle perseverance forgets what to hold on to. As vision is cast, a creation is born that defies logic as it grows stronger with both patience and action. When the vision is God sent, all there needs to be is one spark and a population will understand and make it their own. Victory is not the objective to start with but the objection to the means.

I praise God for what he has done in my life and what he will do in my life in the days and years to come.

Inspired by Revelation 1. First time I have ever read it.